This website is a sandbox: Part portfolio, part cv, part storefront, ...

Some content may be incomplete and will be updated at a later date.

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Outset Design is an idea, a concept. It's purpose is twofold:

     - Firstly, to allow me to pursue my passion for design, architecture, and everything that has to do with creating, in the broadest and most

       general sense.

     - Secondly, to offer my services to any who could use them, to make use of my knowledge and experience to help others, to gain new

       knowledge and experience as a result, and of course to hopefully get some income out of it.


I'm a young architect, who has been practicing design as a hobby and passion in parallel to my studies, and then as a job, and I've come to realize that the creative field isn't something that can be taugth in a classroom, but something that can only be learned through experience.

I'm a generalist. Although my sphere of interest lies mostly in the creative field, I don't limit myself to arbitrary boundaries, for I believe it goes against, and limits, the creative process.

I strive to find the right balance between design and practicality. More often that not, objects (in the broad sense: architecture, design, ...) are either too focused on design, at the cost of their function, or on the contrary, so focused on function, that they forget the design aspect.

I'm a DIYer (Do it yourself), a tinkerer, a maker. I've been dabbling with all kind of tools since a very young age. I love simple mechanisms and find that a lot of objects are overly complicated for their purpose. I Like new technologies, but regret that as technology evolves, durability seems to shorthen, and it becomes less and less accessible to the average person.

I think that everything is a tool in some way, that everything as a function. I believe in "the right tool for the right job", but also in "making do with what you have". I think that too often we create new parts when there are already plenty of existing parts that would fulfill the purpose just as well. I try to use standards as much as possible to avoid unnecessary over-complexification, but without letting those standards take control of the design either.

I believe in common sense, that "a single image is worth a thousand words", and that everything as more than one solution.


Prototyping (whole process, from idea to final product)

3D printing (modelling for 3D printing, and using 3D printer)

CNC (drawing for cnc machining, and using CNC machines)

Laser cutting (drawing for laser machine, and using laser machine)

DIYer / Maker (good with my hands and a great variety of tools)

Modelism (in a broad sense, not just architecture-related)

Polyvalent and autodidact, especially with new technologies

AutoCAD (2D and 3D)

Blender (3D modelling)




Office and other usual programs

Apple - Windows


This website is a kind of nexus. It is meant to...

     ... be a gallery, a portfolio, to showcase my work and skills.

     ... be a storefront, and help me sell my work.

     ... be a sandbox, to test and try out new things.

     ... be polyvalent, and evolve along with my needs.

(This list is non-exhaustive, and in constant evolution)