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Outset Design Feline cat ring
Outset Design Feline cat ring bracelet bangle armband sketches size scale comparison
Outset Design Feline cat bracelet bangle armband


A feline-shaped wearable accessory, designed to be easily adjustable and producible in a variety of materials.

Scaling the design creates different kind of accessories, such as rings, bracelets / bangles, arm or ankle bands, as well as the possibility to create different standard sizes.

The tail of the cat being an open hoop, fitting can be adjusted when produced in metal materials by slightly bending it, and gives it a lot of flexibility when produced in plastic materials, allowing the user to stretch it open to slide and adjust it as desired on the arms or legs.

Outset Design link to Feline Cat bracelet bangle buy order shapeways shop
Outset Design link to Feline Cat ring buy order shapeways shop

If you wish to order this item, just click on the ring or bangle round pictures on the right to be taken to their related pages on my Shapeways shop, where you'll be able to chose from a variety of color and/or material. If the ring or bangle size you'd like isn't uploaded yet, just drop me an email using this website's or my shop's contact form telling me which size you need.

Outset Design Feline Cat 3D ring bangle model