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Outset Design Logo Negative


This belt buckle is designed in 2 parts: a blank flat buckle, and a shape design outline. Once an outline as been chosen (here a wolf for example), it is merged on the base, and can be declined in 4 versions.

The chosen buckle can then be produced through 3D printing in a variety of materials, colors, and finishes, such as plastics and metals.

This kind of customized objects are typically made for people who cannot find what they want through usual means, or who want something really unique and/or specific.

You can order this object in a variety of materials and colors by clicking on the round button, and then navigating through my Shapeways' shop to find other designs. If you would like a custom design, like a different animal or something else, feel free to contact me about it. The main rule for this belt buckle design is that it must be a single closed line (think of it as a shadow: if you follow the shadow's outline you'll come back to your sarting point, and you can guess what it is just from the shape).

Outset Design Outline Design Belt Buckle Photo
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Outset Design Outline Design Belt Buckle Shark Ortho Renders
Outset Design Outline Design Belt Buckle Wolf Ortho Renders